Friday, September 28, 2012

3 Perfect Days in New York - [TRAVEL] NYC Day 1

Day 1 Front

[TRAVEL] Day 1
A visit to the Big Apple was on the cards for quite a few months now. Juggling between hectic project schedules, can or can we not time it with the US Open, looking for a rainy day in NYC (lol...just to shoot a sea of umbrellas in Times Square) - we finally planned a visit to the Big Apple sans the above "perfect" conditions

We stayed in a place called TriBeCa in lower Manhattan. With the subway just minutes away - we found this an ideal location and was quickly able to figure out "Uptown" and "Downtown". New York's Chinatown meets Little Italy  at Canal Street - and this was our landmark

For me NYC meant - yellow taxis, bustling streets, mad rush,  subways and A,C,D,E,1,2,3 trains, skyscrapers that block sunlight out and of course street food. The zeal and zest of NYC reminded me of India ( rather Bangalore). To quote a friend "No city in the world makes u freeze in the moment like the way NYC does".

We explored Day 1 at a leisurely place - starting off from Canal Street to the World Trade Center,Financial District, the much sought after Isamo Naguchi's Red Cube - the height of which draws ones attention upwards to the skyscrapers on all three sides and  gawked at  Wall Street in the evening.

Day 1

I love the ubiquitous NYC street scene - hailing a taxi. I love to see the bright yellow cabs whizzing by and grinding to a halt at the very first instance of a hand being raised. 

We then took the subway to Empire State Building - a brief halt for NYC's famous pizzas before arriving  atop the 86th floor of the Empire State Building to catch the sunset. The very 1st pic above was shot half an hour after sunset though this came with a costly price. Just after the shutter- my lens hood slipped off the cam and dropped neatly down from the 86th floor of the Empire State Building into the darkness - echoes by the "oohs" and "aaahs" of the crowd who witnessed it. A disappointing feeling - nevertheless replaced with an excitement of the lights coming on .
"No city in the world makes u freeze in the moment like the way NYC does"

With time on our side - we decided to drop by the brightedly illuminated hub of Broadway and the worlds most visited tourist attraction "Time Square" . Enjoooy the pics !

Day 1 - evening and night