Thursday, May 03, 2012

[TRAVEL] Portland, OR Day 1

Pioneer Courthouse Square, Japanese Tea Gardens
After a scrumptios lunch from Broder Cafe, our bellies full ,we  drove over to Pioneer Courthouse Square/Portlands Living Room. 

Portland's "living room" is a great spot for people watching. A few folks were happy to pose for my cam :) Folks having their lunch,a just married photo shoot session...everything was happening here. The semi-circle of around 2 dozen steps, the open mouthed copper dragon - accurate in its stormy and rainy weather prediction -, the outdoor chess tables and Portland's iconic "Umbrella Man" or "Allow Me" -  we were fascinated by this little city. Most people just call him “Umbrella Man” because it’s the statue of a man hailing a taxi (apparently for an out-of-town visitor) while holding an umbrella.

He seems to be a local icon - one that captures the "everyday civic virtue" aspect of Portland's self-image. Everyone seems  to like him - a regular guy in a suit, seeing someone in need and trying to be helpful. I guess that's what it's about. The central location probably helps too.
Day1-Travel - 1

Portland's Japanese Tea Garden - located in Washington Park - is the perfect epitome of harmony and tranquility. Every inch of this garden is beautifully landscaped. I felt the entrance fee was a bit expensive.
But I've also heard it is the most beautiful and authentic Japanese garden outside of Japan itself! The entrance fee then does justice! If you have lots of time  - then you have to visit this place
Day1-Travel - 2

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Aiketa said...

The Japanese Tea Garden is so beautiful! It looks like a really peaceful place to be.
I also like your photos of those buildings and the umbrella man is so lovely! I like this kind of sculptures! :D

Regards from Barcelona.