Tuesday, March 20, 2012

San Pedro and its tryst with the Korean Bell of Friendship

Currently living just 45 miles away from this great photography location, it took me almost 4 years to visit the Korean Bell of Friendship located at San Pedro :D

Fantastic spot to capture sunsets and especially get those sweet HDRs. The Korean Bell of Friendship is a massive bronze bell housed in a stone pavilion in Angel's Gate Park. Resting peacefully on the knoll overlooking the sea gate from which U.S. troops sailed into the Pacific, the bell site affords an unsurpassed view of the Los Angeles harbor, the Catalina Channel and the sea terraces of San Pedro hill. The bell is rung only four times each year: the Fourth of July, August 15 (Korean Independence Day) and New Year's Eve, and every September to coincide with bell ringings around the country to celebrate Constitution week.

The architecture of the stone pavilion housing the massive bronze bell is a beauty to be marveled at. 
For all those in LA - Angels Gate Park in San Pedro is a fantastic sunset spot...the stone pavilion works as a great silhouette. The fantastic colors at sunset is a sight to behold

Need to get more such sunglass shots next time ;)


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