Tuesday, December 06, 2011

San Francisco and the Golden Gate Bridge - Day 2

What can you do different when shooting the iconic Golden Gate Bridge? Nothing..it's been shot atleast a million times now! Of course..try shooting it at sunrise or sunset...there is quite some drama in the sky and in the ocean !

Having missed the sunrise at Fort Point ( disastrous way to start a "photography trip" ), off we set to step foot on the iconic landmark. Morning and mid-noon was spent covering the span of the bridge on foot...beautiful weather again. Nothing like standing on the Golden Gate Bridge with the wind in your face, sounds of the traffic on the US 101...and a hot cup of tea in you hands... heaven! Finally I found out why the "Golden gate bridge" was actually not golden...

SFO Day 2 _Midnoon

Come sunset, and we were headed towards Marine Headlands- mainly the Hawk Hill lookout (GPS coordinates - 37°49’40.29N 122°29’57.75W) and Battery Spencer( 37°49’39.32N 122°28’53.67W). Perhaps the best place to shoot the bridge even during a fog. I love this city, it's got so much of beauty to offer. Shooting long exposures of the bridge at sunset was a fantastic experience( fingers almost numb with the freezing wind and cold...and no cup of tea :(   )

I was quite satisfied what what I got...now I know I have to capture that sunrise at Fort Point the next time I visit SFO ( a reason to visit :D )

SFO Day 2_Night

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Aiketa said...

Oooooh San Francisco, how much I love this city! I wish I could live there!