Sunday, December 25, 2011

Christmas, lights and shooting bokeh!

Merry Christmas folks! The Festive season is here...the holiday season is here...I love the lights.Christmas always brings that jolly good feeling...I can't remember not cutting a plum cake...nostalgia of good old childhood days and school days

"Oh, jingle bells, jingle bell...."

Setting up our very first Christmas tree this year was really fun...but this time I was aiming to get some good bokeh shoots. Frankly, the world of bokeh is amazing, it fascinates me. 

Bokeh always is associated with background, so in the picture with the wine glass...I decided to do something different...make it the central element of the picture and make it work..the light source inside was a single LED

Merry Christmas


Annie Hall said...

beautiful shots! i especially love that one of the candle. and about that last picture... my mom got my aunt a wine holder with that same character, ahha!

Biju Chandroth said...

thanks Annie!