Sunday, December 25, 2011

Christmas, lights and shooting bokeh!

Merry Christmas folks! The Festive season is here...the holiday season is here...I love the lights.Christmas always brings that jolly good feeling...I can't remember not cutting a plum cake...nostalgia of good old childhood days and school days

"Oh, jingle bells, jingle bell...."

Setting up our very first Christmas tree this year was really fun...but this time I was aiming to get some good bokeh shoots. Frankly, the world of bokeh is amazing, it fascinates me. 

Bokeh always is associated with background, so in the picture with the wine glass...I decided to do something different...make it the central element of the picture and make it work..the light source inside was a single LED

Merry Christmas

Tuesday, December 06, 2011

San Francisco and the Golden Gate Bridge - Day 2

What can you do different when shooting the iconic Golden Gate Bridge?'s been shot atleast a million times now! Of course..try shooting it at sunrise or sunset...there is quite some drama in the sky and in the ocean !

Having missed the sunrise at Fort Point ( disastrous way to start a "photography trip" ), off we set to step foot on the iconic landmark. Morning and mid-noon was spent covering the span of the bridge on foot...beautiful weather again. Nothing like standing on the Golden Gate Bridge with the wind in your face, sounds of the traffic on the US 101...and a hot cup of tea in you hands... heaven! Finally I found out why the "Golden gate bridge" was actually not golden...

SFO Day 2 _Midnoon

Come sunset, and we were headed towards Marine Headlands- mainly the Hawk Hill lookout (GPS coordinates - 37°49’40.29N 122°29’57.75W) and Battery Spencer( 37°49’39.32N 122°28’53.67W). Perhaps the best place to shoot the bridge even during a fog. I love this city, it's got so much of beauty to offer. Shooting long exposures of the bridge at sunset was a fantastic experience( fingers almost numb with the freezing wind and cold...and no cup of tea :(   )

I was quite satisfied what what I I know I have to capture that sunrise at Fort Point the next time I visit SFO ( a reason to visit :D )

SFO Day 2_Night

Saturday, December 03, 2011

San Francisco - Day 1, Nobb Hill, Fishermans Wharf

After driving through a torrent rain entire night on Interstate 5 with visibility almost nil, we arrived after midnight at San Francisco . Our accommodation was in the Nobb Hill area. The advantage of booking your accommodation here is most of the must see tourists sights are easily accessible( Fisherman's Wharf, Cable Car Museum, China Town and of course the Golden Gate Bridge).

Breakfast was at The Crepe House on Polk Street. Polk Street and its vicinity definitely rocks!  Polk Street is fun, great photo opp for street photography. Their egg plant crepe with fresh basil and tomatoes was lovely. The cafe boasts of lovely rich and colorful interiors . The building right at the corner of Polk and Washington looked Victorian and enticing to shoot a HDR here.

The weather was fantastic - I still receive queries on how the hell did I get such a clear blue sky which is depicted in my photos of the Golden Gate Bridge.  Apparently this is not typical of SFO . Well... what the heck - I tell people I was looking to shoot in the fog( which is typical of SFO), so now it boils down to "being at the right place at the right time"'s tough to explain to people that one shoots landscapes only at sunset or sunrise...

SFO Day1

Lunch was at the Boudin Sourdough Bakery & Cafe on Market Street - famous for its San Francisco sourdough French bread. Loved the ambiance here. Quite surprised to see bread in various forms and shapes - that of starfish, crabs, aligators and crocodiles - the Wharf has it's effect on the Boudin bakery as well!  The famous Pier 39 and Fisherman's Wharf within walking distance was our next destination. A bit disappointed with the much talked about Ghirardeli Chocolate factory - the factory is closed now. There's a chocolate shop "The Original Chocolate Shop". 

SFO Day 1 Blog 2_2

San Francisco's maritime museum along Pier 45 - the USS Pampanito a World War 2 sub. By this time, I was in love with San Francisco - this city has life and a fresh air. A place I would love to re-visit anytime. The weather was fantastic - I still receive queries on how the hell did I get such a clear blue sky which is depicted in my photos of the Golden Gate Bridge. 

SFO Day 1 Blog 2_3

Tunnels always fascinate me. A stop by at the Japanese Tea Gardens proved fruitful. I love tunnels...I always find them sinister. Finally, I was looking forward to shoot the Golden Gate Bridge from Baker Beach. Not quite sure of the place, I planned our visit  an hour in advance before sunset :) Very very fruitful I should say, I was quite happy shooting the bridge at sunset with 4 photographers alongside me. Quite an achievement for Day1

SFO Day 1 Blog 4