Monday, April 18, 2011

Venice Beach - the funky town and its street performers

Was at Venice Beach a few weeks ago with Sebu ( I love this beach for the fact it is different from all other beaches in LA. It's not the surf or the scuba divers or the snorkelers or the LA  girls that attracts tourists's the street performers, musicians, jugglers and the funky shops  along the boadwalk that makes this beach so famous. The funky town!

Stroll along the row of seafront businesses (are they really all tattoo parlours?) and take the opportunity to people-watch in one of California's more unique communities

Reminded me a bit of the beaches in Goa...very lively. The boardwalk performers are an amazing lot..making their living out fo their suphuman acrobatic feats !
Venice Beach and its street performers by PC - My Shots@Photography

The brave volunteers by PC - My Shots@Photography
Venice and its beach/street performers by PC - My Shots@Photography
midair by PC - My Shots@Photography
The take off by PC - My Shots@Photography
 Touch down by PC - My Shots@Photography
landing gears by PC - My Shots@Photography            

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