Tuesday, April 12, 2011

Glory Glory Reds!

MANU by PC - My Shots@Photography

Football...it runs in the family... :)...

The rush of the adrenaline!  the kick off :)! A lot of memories are associated with football and the World Cup...especially setting the alarm for 1AM and making a cup of tea to sit up late and watch the game...dad and son glued to the TV ...never missing a beat! I still remember waking up at 1AM almost everyday to watch the 94 and the 98 World Cup! FIFA 2010 was none less in excitement...to add to it..FIFA and Sony had chosen Waka Waka (This Time for Africa) as the official song of the 2010 FIFA World Cup™ in South Africa...that rocked!
To re-live those memories...I eagerly pen this down!
As always..Brazil has been my fav football team. "Controlling possession has always been one of the hallmarks of Brazilian teams. We need to hold onto the ball and tire out our opponents"
Free flowing and amazing counter attacks...
How to break down a team that defends deep and in numbers ?
Well..learn from Brazil..!!! Whoever they are facing, the five-time champions have always come under pressure to win every match with unrivalled swagger. That is the price they pay for starting each tournament as favourites, the burden of their success down the years.  Brazil will always be Brazil! :) They are expected to win every game they play...they entertain and that's why they are my fav anytime !Cheers yellow!
A few months ago...a surprise gift awaited me in my postbox...my own MAN U jersey..hurrah!! Glory Glory Reds! Cheers to the most popular football club/team on earth! Cheers red!

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