Monday, April 18, 2011

Venice Beach - the funky town and its street performers

Was at Venice Beach a few weeks ago with Sebu ( I love this beach for the fact it is different from all other beaches in LA. It's not the surf or the scuba divers or the snorkelers or the LA  girls that attracts tourists's the street performers, musicians, jugglers and the funky shops  along the boadwalk that makes this beach so famous. The funky town!

Stroll along the row of seafront businesses (are they really all tattoo parlours?) and take the opportunity to people-watch in one of California's more unique communities

Reminded me a bit of the beaches in Goa...very lively. The boardwalk performers are an amazing lot..making their living out fo their suphuman acrobatic feats !
Venice Beach and its street performers by PC - My Shots@Photography

The brave volunteers by PC - My Shots@Photography
Venice and its beach/street performers by PC - My Shots@Photography
midair by PC - My Shots@Photography
The take off by PC - My Shots@Photography
 Touch down by PC - My Shots@Photography
landing gears by PC - My Shots@Photography            

Tuesday, April 12, 2011

Glory Glory Reds!

MANU by PC - My Shots@Photography runs in the family... :)...

The rush of the adrenaline!  the kick off :)! A lot of memories are associated with football and the World Cup...especially setting the alarm for 1AM and making a cup of tea to sit up late and watch the and son glued to the TV ...never missing a beat! I still remember waking up at 1AM almost everyday to watch the 94 and the 98 World Cup! FIFA 2010 was none less in add to it..FIFA and Sony had chosen Waka Waka (This Time for Africa) as the official song of the 2010 FIFA World Cup™ in South Africa...that rocked!
To re-live those memories...I eagerly pen this down!
As always..Brazil has been my fav football team. "Controlling possession has always been one of the hallmarks of Brazilian teams. We need to hold onto the ball and tire out our opponents"
Free flowing and amazing counter attacks...
How to break down a team that defends deep and in numbers ?
Well..learn from Brazil..!!! Whoever they are facing, the five-time champions have always come under pressure to win every match with unrivalled swagger. That is the price they pay for starting each tournament as favourites, the burden of their success down the years.  Brazil will always be Brazil! :) They are expected to win every game they play...they entertain and that's why they are my fav anytime !Cheers yellow!
A few months ago...a surprise gift awaited me in my own MAN U jersey..hurrah!! Glory Glory Reds! Cheers to the most popular football club/team on earth! Cheers red!

Sunday, April 10, 2011

Tryst with tea continues...Intelligentsia - Venice Coffee and Tea Bar

Located in Venice, Los Angeles  on Abbot Kinney Boulevard, the Intelligentsia Coffee and Tea bar is supposed to be LA's crown jewel of the coffeebar. 
Appearances can be deceptive...we were disappointed with our experience. Unfriendly barista and their attitude spoke volumes of arrogance.
Unfortunately, my tryst with tea and Intelligentsia was nothing less than disappointing.

Tuesday, April 05, 2011 Passion in Life

chaai by PC - My Shots@Photography

I owe it all to my family …especially my parents...who would never say no to my request for a cup of amma always made an “extra” cup up of tea ...she knew i would sneek into the kitchen later to ask.. :)

Over the years, a cup of chaai became my best friend….

i cud sit for hours and hours in the college cafeteria/canteen sipping tea after tea...solo or with my best buddies!
The friends who hanged around with me either had a passion for chaai or coffee...but none betrayed me when I felt like having one. Tea was a universal remedy...prone to migraine and headaches at an early age...chaai came to my rescue…perhaps a thin line between drugs :D…contrary to what my doc said…a cup of “strong chaai” drove my headache away within a few minutes…

From the days of the the local tea powder in the "corner shop" near my home to the Red Roses... from the Taj Mahal to the Brook Bonde...Lipton to the Tetley..the Kanan Devan to the Tata Tea...from the Assam Apple Valley to the tea estates of Ponmudi, Ooty and Munnar ....I have tasted it all

From the Ginger/Adrak chaai to the Cardamom, Masala to the Ornage Pekoe...tea became my best buddy in life!
In the biggest disappointment was not being able to walk into a tea shop as and when I felt like...but slowly...Starbucks became my local "tea" cafe...thanks to a great friend of mine who introduced me to it...his passion for coffee was perhaps equivalent to my passion for tea...

and then i re-discovered it my passion for chaai

From the Chaai tea latte to the Awake Tea latte...from the English breakfast to the Earl Grey...I realized tea was such an enjoyable experience…not to foregt the Ceylon tea ;)

Come what may..I can drink n number of teas when I am back home or in my hometown or a in place like Chennai, Bangalore or Delhi..

I still vouch that tea should be declared a universal remedy!

To all chaai lovers…. I dedicate this to thee!

Anticipating the long weekend ;) by PC - My Shots@Photography
Chaai at your local tea stall..nothing can beat this by PC - My Shots@Photography
Chaai at your local tea stall - nothing can beat this  :)
hot chaai and baklaava on a rainy day  by PC - My Shots@Photography
Hot chaai and baklaava on a rainy day
Chaai_Tea by PC - My Shots@PhotographyTea Bags - Traditional to the Modern by PC - My Shots@Photography
Tea Bags - traditional to the modern
Tea aka chaai for a rainy day by PC - My Shots@Photography
Awake Tea by PC - My Shots@Photography
Awake Tea
Cheers!!! from 201 '0' 201 '1' ! by PC - My Shots@Photography
Chaai on a snowy day