Wednesday, March 30, 2011

Passing through Dubai.....The sea,the food and the malls. That's Dubai for you.

Food joints on the streets in Dubai, Authentic Lebanese food
Authentic Lebanese food by PC - My Shots@Photography
Food joints on the streets in Dubai by PC - My Shots@PhotographyFood joints on the streets in Dubai by PC - My Shots@Photography

yet...another sunset by PC - My Shots@Photography
Yet another sunset....shot from the Jumeriah Beach...
Burj-Al-Arab by PC - My Shots@Photography
The Burj-Al-Arab....shimmering reflections
the orange football by PC - My Shots@Photography
The Orangoe Football... @the Jumeriah beach... a personal fav !
love these colors! by PC - My Shots@PhotographyThe Creek Park by PC - My Shots@Photography
 The Creek.
The Plunge! by PC - My Shots@Photography
The Plunge! I was fascinated by this artificial waterfall and the "i-robot" type figures on a dive!  All this in the worlds largest shopping mall -  in Dubai!

Sunday, March 27, 2011

Ideas are born in coffee shops...the corporate culture


  It's surprising how some of our most creative ideas are actually born over a cup of tea/coffee during small talk with a friend in your local coffee shop. Not a big fan of coffee, but an avid fan of tea/chaai :)